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Вторжение РФ на Украину, часть пятнадцатая

будни оккупации, так сказать :)


Украинские офицеры недопустили вывоз оружия с учебного отряда ВМС Украины (Севастополь), 2.3.2014 г.

RU - Russian soldier (the one in charge), UKR - the big Ukrainian guy.
RU: Come on, let's not have any conflicts.
UKR: Sure, then get the fuck out.
RU: [incomprehensible]
URK: What, are you saying you're not having conflicts on my territory?
RU: We're not. We're doing our job.
UKR: I too am doing my job.
RU: We just ask you to get away from the car.
UKR: Nope. This is my fucking car. My squad's fucking car. A country's property, a fucking MPC. Do you want peaceful solutions? Then be peaceful.
RU: How exactly can we solve anything peacefully with you, huh.
UKR: And how exactly can we?
(somebody laughs)
UKR: How can we solve anything peacefuly with you? What are you even doing on my territory, huh?
RU: Just remove the car and that'd be it.
UKR: So that you drive away with the weapons?
RU: So that we drive away in Kamaz.
URK: So that you drive away with the weapons? Nope.
(Someone else): Unload the boxes and move away the Kamaz.
(Someone over radio): Get the Kamaz away from there. Do whatever.
(Someone ominously): So you don't want things done normally, huh.
UKR: Normally?
(video ends)

Нормально так поговорили. ;-)

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